Visa Process

Our recruitment process involves document approval by Nepal’s Department of Labor, candidate screening, widespread advertising, efficient communication, visa processing, medical checks, travel arrangements, and orientation sessions.

The success of any business heavily relies on the quality of its workforce. Businesses universally strive to secure individuals who not only possess the requisite skills but also seamlessly integrate into their designated roles, thereby enhancing work effectiveness and efficiency within a budget that the organization can manage. Consequently, meticulous human resource planning is increasingly imperative due to the substantial costs and time involved in recruiting, training, and retaining high-caliber personnel.

Selection and Deployment Process

A successful business needs good employees, so careful planning is essential. Placing the right people in the right jobs helps the company run efficiently and keeps costs down for hiring, training, and keeping talented workers.


Pre-Labor Approval

Upon receipt of the authorized demand letter, documents undergo pre-labor approval by the Department of Labor in Nepal. The department meticulously analyzes the documents to ensure compliance before approving further processing.


Candidate Screening/Interview

We keep an up-to-date database of potential candidates with detailed information on their skills, education, and experience. Our team shortlists candidates for pre-interview sessions based on merit, ensuring equal opportunities for all. Final interviews are conducted by the employer, either in person or remotely.



The approved demand letter is published in national newspapers to solicit applications. Additionally, we utilize various communication channels such as the Internet, SMS, and telephone to reach potential candidates and collect necessary documents.



Our departments are fully computerized and interconnected, enabling us to deliver prompt and efficient service to both clients and candidates. Our dedicated staff members are committed to providing quality manpower services and assisting clients throughout the recruitment process.


Visa Processing

We facilitate visa processing by submitting all required documents, including passport copies, photographs, medical reports, and experience certificates, to the employer as per their specifications.


Final Labor Approval

Upon submission of all necessary documents to the Department of Labor in Nepal, including original passport, visa copy, medical report, orientation certificate, and insurance policy, the documents are analyzed for final approval and immigration clearance.


Medical Checkup

Only selected candidates undergo a comprehensive medical examination at government-authorized medical centers. Candidates deemed physically and mentally fit proceed to sign the employment contract and proceed with visa formalities.


Travel Arrangement

Once the visa is endorsed, we coordinate with travel agents or airlines to book flights to the nearest airport of the candidate’s origin country. We liaise with employers to arrange airport pickups and hostel accommodations upon arrival.



After receiving the job offer or employment visa, candidates attend compulsory orientation classes conducted by government-registered technical institutes. These sessions provide insights into immigration policies, local laws, and cultural norms, fostering mutual understanding between employers and employees. Additionally, we offer detailed information about the company, workplace, job description, and other relevant details to ensure a smooth transition for candidates before their departure.